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TC-0: Deconstruction and Exploration of Music

Hey there, friend. The Dogteeth crew appreciates you clicking on this bad boy.

This Episode 0 is an explanation of the Tune Cactus project as a whole, and a set up for what is to come. Tune Cactus is a music blog born from the combination of a love of music and a craving for creative writing. Each episode will focus on one song and be segmented into three parts:

From Deconstruction to Exploration

In this first section, we will break the song down into small phrases and write about the sounds, aesthetic, and style. We will note how the layers of instruments and samples interact together and will attempt to describe who or what the phrase is, where it’s going, and where it came from.

From Deconstruction to Exploration

In the second section, we will explain what elements of the song we will use to influence the upcoming Exploration. This section will feature a Sound Breakdown, and will note how specific elements of the song are represented in the Exploration.



This is where we get a little wild. The third section will be the longest of each episode. It will be a fictional short story written with the specific influences from the song that were detailed in the previous section.

These short stories will be set in the land of Pearth - a fictional world ruled by music with walking/talking animals, a pious cactus full of wisdom, and a central belief that life was created by the band Rush.

Why the band Rush? Because Cody jokingly mentioned it, and Tyler thought it was hilarious.
Let’s rock.

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